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RF Controls now allowed underground


BWI Eagle Introduces The First Permissible Handheld RF Remote Control Transmitter For Use In Underground Mining And Hazardous Locations

BWI Eagle’s MSHA-approved wireless transmitter allows remote control of machinery and equipment in areas previously off limits in the mining industry.

Butler, PA (February 26, 2008) – BWI Eagle Inc., an innovator in the wireless industrial remote control market, is proud to announce that its Air-Eagle SR Transmitter has been approved for operation in underground mining. This marks the first time that a handheld RF transmitter will be permitted in hazardous locations, opening up many opportunities for wire and cable free control of machinery and equipment in areas previously off limits in the mining industry.

The Air-Eagle SR transmitter utilizes spread spectrum RF signals to communicate with a receiver that can be located up to 1000 feet away. Virtually any electrical apparatus can be wired into the receiver, providing unlimited applications for the control of underground equipment such as conveyor belts; feeder breakers; man-doors; lighting, etc.

The Air-Eagle SR transmitters are being offered as either a portable handheld device with up to four functions, or as a mobile equipment mounted unit with a single emergency stop button. Receivers are equipped with a terminal strip to easily interface with the customers’ equipment or P.L.C. The integral high current relays in the receiver are user-programmable for up to four combinations of momentary or latching operation and each system has eight user-programmable frequencies, allowing multiple systems to operate in the same proximity for maximum flexibility.  All systems are FCC approved and do not require a user site license.

38-1300-MSHA 136-1200-BAT-MSHA 1


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