"More Production and a Much Happier Operator."
"A friend owns a concrete batching plant and needed to speed up the loading of aggregate and sand. This required the loader operator to get on and off the loader to move the conveyor, start the conveyor and vibrate the sand. Now the operator can do all these task while running the loader. With the remote system we now have more production and a much happier operator. The system is well thought out and works great.

This is how all companies should be run. Great product and even better customer service."

- Don A. (Self Employed)

"Well Trained and Personable Employees"
"It’s wonderful to deal with companies that have well trained and personable employees when making a purchase. A lot of my parts are ordered by phone and I need someone on the other end to know what I am trying to order! Thanks again and again!"

- Brent B. (Landscaping, Ohio)

"Something I Wish We Had 20 Years Ago!"
"We have a unique requirement to be able to generate tones under water for various reasons. Like Diver Alert system, or giving the animals an auditable queue. We use hardwired solutions, however that limits us to a small local area. In the past we have used small transmitters to trigger 1 or 2 tones, but again limited in scope. The BWI Eagle wireless remote control solution has allowed us the best of both worlds. The ability to recall multiple tones as well as being wireless and able to transmit and receive from quite a distance. This is the product I have been looking for, for a very long time. I plan on using their systems in many more of our venues for sure!"

Update: "Really like it so far! The trainers have taken to it like a Dolphin to water… LOL.
This is something I wish we had 20 years ago!"

- Bill W. (Amusement/Wildlife Park, Orlando, FL)

"Equipment Works Great Under Harsh Conditions."
"BWI is a great company to work with. I build custom avalanche mitigation equipment. BWI Eagle helped me select the best gear for my application (12V DC Air Eagle XLT) and their equipment works great under harsh conditions. Post sale service is amazing!"

Update: "My customer is happy and I could not be more pleased with  BWI Eagle!"

- Mark B. (Avalanche Mitigation Equipment Fabricator)

"Keeps My Forklift Drivers on Their Lift Trucks"
"We are a manufacturing facility. I use BWI eagle products for remote control between conveyor equipment and forklifts. This keeps my forklift drivers on their lift trucks and eliminates the need for them to drive to a wall mounted pushbutton. We have 5-6 systems of this type. Typically I have a 4 or 8 relay control board on my fixed conveyors with the handheld remote on the fork truck.
One thing that makes your solution different from other industrial wireless solutions is your handheld remote. Every other vendor I've run into does NOT offer a good/decent wireless handheld remote with a lot of buttons. Every other vendor's remote control seems to be an afterthought!
I really do love your product. It just does what I need it to do without being overly complicated."

- Mike S. (Office Furniture Mfg., Michigan)

"Needed a Wireless E-Stop Built Into Our System"
"We are a custom machine builder for the aerospace industry and needed a wireless E-Stop system with multiple stations that had the ability to be " built into " our system. BWI worked with us to accomplish this, including reprogramming their chips to meet our needs. I highly recommend BWI for your needs , easy to work with and quality equipment."

Update: "The system has been up and running for 3 years with no failures.
Thank you, BWI."

- Alan S. (Aerospace, Michigan)

"Easy to Install. Working Great. No Problems At All."
"I was requested by a local college to come up with a solution to an issue they were having. The college has two separate telescopes, housed in two separate domes, that open only when the scopes are functioning. This can occur when staff is present or when the telescopes are used remotely at night. There are two buildings close by and the exterior lights on the buildings interfere with the telescopes. We needed a means to cut building lights when the domes were opened. Utilizing BWI transmitters and receiver to enable/disable contacts in the lighting circuit, the problem was solved."

Update: "Sandy, thanks so much for your knowledge and assistance. The remote system is working great. It was easy to install and had great instructions. I had no problems at all."

- Ken J. (Electrical Services)

"You Guys Are Good People."
"The system works great in the environment where it was installed. which is a slag yard at a nearby steel plant. There is a tremendous amount of steam and dust in that location. The system still performs as if nothing was there to distort the transmission from the transmitter to the receiving unit.
You guys are good people. I wish I sold more radio control equipment so I could deal with you guys more. It’s been a pleasure."

- Chris G. (Electrical Services, Fort Wayne, Indiana)